Why do I need a Business CCTV Camera System

Business CCTV Cameras are a great addition to virtually any business. CCTV Camera Systems provide owners with the capability of keeping a watchful eye on their business, monitoring products, cashflow, employees and customers. These systems can be used to help reduce theft, reduce vandalism, eliminate employee theft and provide video evidence when something occurs. Many of our business cctv camera systems can even be viewed from a PDA phone, view security cameras from Google Android Phone or even view your cctv cameras from an iPhone or iPod.

Business CCTV Camera System Types

If you are looking for a cctv camera system for your business, then there are several options for the recording device. Older systems use a VCR for recording from the cameras, but these systems required frequent changing of VHS tapes to continue recording. Newer DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Systems allow you to record continuously without ever needing to change anything. These DVR Systems come in 2 different varieties: PC-Based DVRs and Standalone DVR Recorders.

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Business CCTV Cameras

There are many different types of Business CCTV Cameras that can be selected to match your Business CCTV system needs.
Business CCTV Camera Types:

Indoor Business CCTV Cameras

Outdoor Business CCTV Cameras

Covert Business CCTV Cameras

PTZ Business CCTV Cameras

Infrared Business CCTV Cameras

MegaPixel IP CCTV Cameras

CCTV Camera Systems for your Business

CCTV Camera Systems provide excellent tools for a business owner to use to decrease losses due to theft, burglary and vandalism of all kinds. These Business Camera systems can silently record exactly what happens at your business, so that you can have the video evidence that you need to prosecute when someone perpetrates a crime against you.

Many Business owners who have installed a CCTV Camera System note that they have not only reduced theft and vandalism by employees and customers, but also many have been able to avoid fraudulent lawsuits, escape false unemployment claims and more. Today, it just makes sense for every business to have a good quality camera system installed.

There are many different styles of Business CCTV Cameras that can suit your business security camera cctv system needs. Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor cameras, we have various cameras that can suit your needs.

Types of Business CCTV Cameras

Outdoor CCTV Cameras for your businessOutdoor Business CCTV Cameras

If you are looking to monitor the outdoor areas of your business, such as entry doors, parking lots or yard areas, then sealed, weatherproof outdoor business cctv cameras are the best bet for your business cctv camera installation. These cameras provide great quality video for any outdoor environment.

Outdoor Business CCTV Cameras

Indoor Dome and Covert CCTV Cameras for your BusinessIndoor Business CCTV Cameras

For indoor environments, there are many different options for outdoor surveillance. These cameras can provide good video coverage and various body designs. Indoor Business CCTV Cameras range from Dome style to covert style cameras. These cameras are available to suit any budget for business cctv installations.

Indoor Business CCTV Cameras

Infrared Business CCTV Cameras - Infrared Night Vision in No-Light ConditionsInfrared (IR) Business CCTV Cameras

Infrared Night Vision Business CCTV Cameras provide excellent daytime color video and switch to black and white mode at night with infrared LEDs switching on to illuminate the area with invisible infrared light that the camera can see. This allows the camera to see bright as day, even when it is pitch black outside.

Infrared Business CCTV Cameras

Covert Hidden Mini Business CCTV CamerasCovert - Hidden Business CCTV Cameras

Hidden style - covert cctv cameras for your business allow you to monitor your register, product, employees and customers without anyone knowing that they are being watched. These cameras look like normal objects that you would find in your business.

Covert Business CCTV Cameras

Business PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) CCTV CamerasPTZ Pan/Tilt/Zoom Business CCTV Cameras

PTZ Cameras (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) are very popular cameras for larger business camera installations.  These cameras can be controlled from your Standalone DVR or PC-Based DVR System. These cameras have the ability to move around and some have zoom capabilities to zoom in on specific areas.

Business PTZ CCTV Cameras

Business CCTV Camera Systems

Business CCTV Standalone DVR Camera SystemsStandalone DVR Business CCTV Camera Systems

Standalone DVRs are an excellent choice for businesses for their cctv camera systems. These systems can connect to a standard Television, to allow you to view your business cctv cameras directly on your TV. These systems also have optional networking to allow you to view the cameras from your PC or over the internet.

Standalone DVR Business CCTV Camera Systems

PC-Based Business CCTV Camera DVR SystemsPC-Based Business CCTV Camera DVR Systems

PC-Based DVR Business CCTV Systems allow you to record in the highest resolution directly onto your PC's hard drive.  This allows you to watch your cameras right on your PC monitor, as well as over the internet with a PC, Laptop, Windows Mobile PDA phone or Windows Mobile Smartphone. These systems are the clear choice for high end business camera systems where optimum remote viewing resolution and quality are desired.

PC-Based Business CCTV Camera DVR Systems