Why do I need a Business CCTV Camera System

Business CCTV Cameras are a great addition to virtually any business. CCTV Camera Systems provide owners with the capability of keeping a watchful eye on their business, monitoring products, cashflow, employees and customers. These systems can be used to help reduce theft, reduce vandalism, eliminate employee theft and provide video evidence when something occurs. Many of our business cctv camera systems can even be viewed from a PDA phone, view security cameras from Google Android Phone or even view your cctv cameras from an iPhone or iPod.

Business CCTV Camera System Types

If you are looking for a cctv camera system for your business, then there are several options for the recording device. Older systems use a VCR for recording from the cameras, but these systems required frequent changing of VHS tapes to continue recording. Newer DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Systems allow you to record continuously without ever needing to change anything. These DVR Systems come in 2 different varieties: PC-Based DVRs and Standalone DVR Recorders.

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Business CCTV Cameras

There are many different types of Business CCTV Cameras that can be selected to match your Business CCTV system needs.
Business CCTV Camera Types:

Indoor Business CCTV Cameras

Outdoor Business CCTV Cameras

Covert Business CCTV Cameras

PTZ Business CCTV Cameras

Infrared Business CCTV Cameras

MegaPixel IP CCTV Cameras

Business PTZ CCTV Cameras

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) and Pan/Tilt (PT) Cameras are becoming very popular for business cctv camera installations.  These cameras allow you to move them from your standalone dvr or pc-based dvr recording device, allowing you to adjust the camera to get the optimum view, while sitting in the comfort of your own office, or from anywhere in the world over the internet. These cameras are a little more expensive than stationary cameras, but definitely more versatile as well.

PTZ Pan-Tilt-Zoom CCTV Cameras

PTZ CCTV Cameras will allow you to move the angle of the camera and even zoom in on any area in your business, warehouse or outdoor parking lot area. These cameras provide crystal clear image, are equipped with a great high resolution image sensor and auto-focus capabilities with various zoom lengths and pan/tilt motor assemblies. Each of the outdoor style PTZ cameras are also equipped with heater for winter months and a fan to keep the camera cool during the hot summer months.

PTZ-1500-27  270x Zoom Pan/Tilt/Zoom Outdoor Business CCTV Camera

Low-Speed PTZ High Res 27x Optical Zoom Business CCTV Camera

With excellent high resolution video quality and LG 27x Optical Zoom module, this low-speed pan/tilt/zoom camera provides all of the control that you need for a daytime outdoor PTZ Camera.

Low Speed 270x Zoom High Res Business Outdoor PTZ Camera

PTZ-2500-18 - 18x Optical Zoom Sony CCD Day/Night High-Speed Pan/Tilt Zoom CCTV PTZ Camera

High-Speed PTZ High-Res 18x Optical Zoom Business CCTV Camera

This camera adds in the functionality of low-light black and white video for use in outdoor areas that are not well-lit. This camera also upgrades the movement mechanisms to a High-speed operation.

High Speed 180x Zoom Day/Night High Resolution PTZ Camera

PTZ-3500-26 High Resolution Infrared PTZ Camera with 260x Zoom for Outdoor Business Camera installations

Infrared Night Vision PTZ Hi-Res 26x Optical Zoom CCTV Camera

For no-light conditions, or vehicle mounted PTZ applications, this 12 VDC Infrared Night Vision Business CCTV PTZ Camera with 26x Optical zoom is an excellent choice.  This camera provide night vision up to 80 meters in no-light conditions as well.

Infrared Night Vision 260x Zoom Hi-Res Business PTZ Camera

Business Pan/Tilt PT CCTV Cameras

Pan/Tilt PT Style business cameras are much less expensive than the PTZ cameras above, but still offer the ability to move the angles of the cameras, and have a varifocal 3.5~8mm lens that can be adjusted during installation for wideangle or fixed zoom applications. These cameras are great for business vandal-dome installations.

PT-351-V49 - Outdoor PT Armor Dome Sony CCD Camera with RF Remote Control

Hi-Res Sony CCD Pan/Tilt Armor Dome Outdoor Business CCTV Camera

These cameras can provide good low-speed camera control to allow for business owners to move a camera around while watching the live cameras on their standalone dvr or pc based dvr systems. These cameras also include an RF remote control for remote control in the building.

High Res Sony CCD Armor Pan/Tilt Dome CCTV Camera with RF Remote