Why do I need a Business CCTV Camera System

Business CCTV Cameras are a great addition to virtually any business. CCTV Camera Systems provide owners with the capability of keeping a watchful eye on their business, monitoring products, cashflow, employees and customers. These systems can be used to help reduce theft, reduce vandalism, eliminate employee theft and provide video evidence when something occurs. Many of our business cctv camera systems can even be viewed from a PDA phone, view security cameras from Google Android Phone or even view your cctv cameras from an iPhone or iPod.

Business CCTV Camera System Types

If you are looking for a cctv camera system for your business, then there are several options for the recording device. Older systems use a VCR for recording from the cameras, but these systems required frequent changing of VHS tapes to continue recording. Newer DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Systems allow you to record continuously without ever needing to change anything. These DVR Systems come in 2 different varieties: PC-Based DVRs and Standalone DVR Recorders.

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Business CCTV Cameras

There are many different types of Business CCTV Cameras that can be selected to match your Business CCTV system needs.
Business CCTV Camera Types:

Indoor Business CCTV Cameras

Outdoor Business CCTV Cameras

Covert Business CCTV Cameras

PTZ Business CCTV Cameras

Infrared Business CCTV Cameras

MegaPixel IP CCTV Cameras

PC-Based Business CCTV DVR Systems

These PC-Based CCTV DVR Systems are a great choice for business cctv camera installations. These PC Based systems consist of a DVR Card, which is installed into your Windows XP or Windows Vista PC. This type of CCTV DVR System is very popular with Businesses, because it saves the additional cost of a standalone recorder, in favor of a more powerful PC with a DVR Card installed.  PC-Based DVR Systems provide generally more robust user-level controls and remote viewing capabilities, so that you can always stay connected to your cameras, and give certain users access only to specific cameras.

Business CCTV Camera PCI DVR Cards

Alnet Business DVR Cards

In the world of PC-Based CCTV DVR Cards, the Alnet Systems Card/Software combinations found below are clearly the king.  These DVR Cards provide the highest resolution recording and viewing with the best remote viewing capabilities and options. These cards record from your analog cameras at 720x480 resolution, and can allow for remote viewing over the internet, even with a Dynamic IP address internet connection. Remote Capabilities include PC, Laptop, Windows Mobile 5 PDA Phone, Windows Mobile 6 PDA Phone, Windows Mobile Smart Phones and even Java-Enabled Cell phones.  This allows you to view your cameras from virtually anywhere in the world, so that you can always keep an eye on your employees and customers.

Alnet Business CCTV PC-Based DVR CardsAlnet PC-Based DVR Cards

4-Channel 30 fps Alnet Business CCTV PCI DVR Card
4-Channel 120 fps Alnet REAL-TIME Business CCTV PCI DVR Card
Multiple 4 channel cards can be used in the same PC for 8,12 or 16 cameras total

16-Channel 240 fps Alnet Business CCTV PCI DVR Card
16-Channel 480 fps Alnet REAL-TIME Display Business CCTV PCI DVR Card
32-Channel 240 fps Alnet Business CCTV PCI DVR Card

Security Eyes Basic Business PCI CCTV DVR Cards

Although all businesses would benefit from the professional grade features of the Alnet DVR Cards and software above, the truth is that not every business can afford these cards. Therefore, we have also tested many of the entry-level licensed DVR Cards on the market, and have found the Security Eyes Pro DVR Card to be a great entry-level PC-Based DVR Card and software. This card, at under $100 for a 4-channel card, provides 640x480 recording, and remote viewing capabilities, so that you can view your cameras over the internet with a static IP address broadband internet connection from a PC, Laptop or PDA phone..

Security Eyes Pro PC Based Business CCTV DVR RecordingSecurity Eyes Business CCTV DVR Cards

4-Channel Basic 30 fps Security Eyes Pro Business CCTV PC-Based DVR Card
Multiple 4 channel cards can be used in the same PC for 8,12 or 16 cameras total

Business CCTV PC-Based DVR Camera Systems

Combining the benefits of each of the DVR Card types above, we have assembled several packages that will suit the needs of your business camera system. Below you will find a wide array of PC-Based CCTV Camera Systems with Alnet Systems and Security Eyes Pro DVR Cards, combined with a combination of indoor and/or outdoor cameras.

Alnet Business CCTV Camera PC-Based DVR Systems

The following Business CCTV Camera PC-Based DVR Systems include the Alnet Systems Pro model DVR Card(s), software and indoor or outdoor business cameras.

Security Eyes Business CCTV PC-Based Camera Systems

For Lower Budget Business camera installations, these Security Eyes Pro Entry-Level DVR Card Packages have been combined with budget cameras and high resolution indoor and outdoor cameras to help you find a system that will suit your needs and budget level.