Why do I need a Business CCTV Camera System

Business CCTV Cameras are a great addition to virtually any business. CCTV Camera Systems provide owners with the capability of keeping a watchful eye on their business, monitoring products, cashflow, employees and customers. These systems can be used to help reduce theft, reduce vandalism, eliminate employee theft and provide video evidence when something occurs. Many of our business cctv camera systems can even be viewed from a PDA phone, view security cameras from Google Android Phone or even view your cctv cameras from an iPhone or iPod.

Business CCTV Camera System Types

If you are looking for a cctv camera system for your business, then there are several options for the recording device. Older systems use a VCR for recording from the cameras, but these systems required frequent changing of VHS tapes to continue recording. Newer DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Systems allow you to record continuously without ever needing to change anything. These DVR Systems come in 2 different varieties: PC-Based DVRs and Standalone DVR Recorders.

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Business CCTV Cameras

There are many different types of Business CCTV Cameras that can be selected to match your Business CCTV system needs.
Business CCTV Camera Types:

Indoor Business CCTV Cameras

Outdoor Business CCTV Cameras

Covert Business CCTV Cameras

PTZ Business CCTV Cameras

Infrared Business CCTV Cameras

MegaPixel IP CCTV Cameras

Business Infrared CCTV Cameras

If you need to be able to view your business at night with no lights on, then Infrared IR style cameras are highly recommended.  These cameras contain infrared LEDs that turn on when light levels drop to illuminate large areas with invisible IR light. This light will illuminate the area that the camera is viewing, so that your business cctv camera can view video even in pitch black.

IR Infrared Business CCTV Cameras

IR cameras are the clear choice for installations in poorly lit entry-ways, warehouses, workshops, parking lots or offices.  These camera have various IR ranges, so that you can view these areas even in pitch black. Select a camera that has the infrared range to cover the area that you are covering with the camera.

CD-9260 Sony Hi-Res CCD Long Range Infrared Night Vision Business CCTV Camera

Wide-Angle Sony CCD IR Outdoor Business CCTV Camera

This camera provides the clearest video quality during the daytime and at night. With its Sony Hi-Res Color CCD Image sensor and wide spectrum IR array, this camera can provide up to 100 feet of Infrared illumination in no-light conditions.

Wide-Angle Sony CCD Long-Range IR Outdoor Business CCTV Camera

E-809 Budget-Style Infrared Night Vision Color CMOS Outdoor Business CCTV Camera

IR Outdoor Budget Business CCTV Camera

For Budget installations, this outdoor infrared business camera is a great selection. With Night-Vision up to 10 feet in no-light conditions, this camera is ideal for close-range outdoor Business CCTV Camera installations.

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CD-5260 - High Resolution CCD Color Outdoor Business CCTV Bullet Camera

Outdoor Hi-Res IR Business CCTV Camera

This camera is the most popular for small business cctv installations, as it is a medium range infrared camera with IR illumination up to 65' in no-light conditions. The camera also provides a wide 90 degree field of view for great coverage with less cameras.

Hi-Res Infrared IR Outdoor Business CCTV Bullet Camera

CD-9360 Outdoor High Resolution Night Vision 540 TVL Security Camera

Long-Range Infrared Outdoor 540 TVL Hi-Res IR Business CCTV Camera

This camera provides excellent video quality with a Sony HQ1 540 TVL CCD Image sensor and 150' Infrared Night vision range. This camera is the best selection for outdoor security camera installations where great day and night vision is required.

Hi-Res Infrared IR Outdoor CCTV Bullet Camera

ID-6200 High Resolution Sony Color CCD Infrared IR Night Vision Indoor Business CCTV Dome Camera

Hi-Res Sony CCD Infrared Night-Vision Dome Business CCTV Camera

This camera is the clear choice for an indoor business cctv camera installation where infrared night vision up to 30 feet away is required in no-light night time conditions. These cameras also provide crisp color video during the daytime, making it an excellent business cctv surveillance camera.

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